40 Days of HOPE

Our Mission

40 Days of HOPE is a season of seeking GOD as ONE Body through prayer and fasting, expressing our love and dependence through worship, and extending the love of CHRIST though service and evangelism TOGETHER.

Uniting around the things we value to bring transformation

Consecrate a fast; call a solemn assembly. Gather the elders and all the inhabitants of the land to the house of the Lord& your God, and cry out to the Lord (Joel 1:1)

How To Get Involved

Join the official 40 DAYS OF HOPE Facbook community.  www.facebook.com/40DaysofHope.net

Visit the 40 DAYS OF HOPE website and sign up for daily prayer focuses.  40daysofhope.net/prayer-prompts/

Fast something.  It doesn’t matter if it’s food, social media, tv or something else.  Ask the Lord how He wants you to particapte in fasting.

Fasting is always connected with seeking, drawing near to, and prevailing with GOD.  Fasting is an invitation for the LORD to drive back the powers of evil. It is calculated to give an edge to Christian intercession and power to their petitions. GOD is ready to bend His ear and hear those who humble themselves in fasting and prayer.

You can find resources on fasting by clicking here.

40 Days of HOPE