Connection Small Groups

Welcome to Connection Small Groups!

We recognize the importance of communal living!  Because in a fast paced and ever changing world, there are few things that remain constant.  Father God, His Word and true friends are to be highly valued.  We are all in need of these life changing relationships, that are to be fostered and intentially desigend for the express purpose of support and spiritual progress. 

Our Connection Small Groups are designed with the following purposes:
  • To assist in building and maintaining community life
  • Coaching individuals to reach their God giving potential
  • To establish a bridge of relationship with those that are seeking spiritual truth and supernatural curiosity. 
Where do these groups meet?  
  • Homes, marketplace venues, business environments or on the church grounds.

How long of a commitment do I make to a group?  
  • Every group has a beginning or entry point and an exit.  Some groups are monthly, others weekly;  some may have conditions for attendees like.after a few weeks to new comers.

What are the benefits to my committing to a Connection Small Group?
  • Its a great way to connect and find value within the church
  • Assists a person in their spiritual progress
  • You become not only a hearer, but a doer of God's Kingdom work.
  • It provides a process and structure that creates disciples through Biblical duplication.

Here is a list of our connection groups

Grounded-Men's Bible Study

Who:  Men
When:  Saturdays @ 8:00am 
Leader:  Chuck Erpelding
Location:  Crosspointe Life’s Aroma Cafe
Cost:  No
Childcare:  No


Intercessory Prayer

Who:  Anyone
When:  Saturday's @ 8:00am Wednesdays at 10:00am
Leader:  Betty Passion 
Location:  Prayer Room
Cost:  No
Childcare:  No


Devoted Marriage Group

Who:  Married couples
When:  2 & 4 
Saturdays @ 5:45pm
Leaders:  Pastor Dani and Kurt Womack
Location: Womack Home
Cost:  No
Childcare:  Yes
Contact: email

Life Tracks:
Who:  Adults
When:  Wednesday Evenings @6:00pm (Sept 6 -27th)
Location:  Kingdom Culture Class

Cost :  No
Childcare:  Yes
Contact:  email

Prophetic Training:
Who:  Adults
When:  Wednesday Evenings @6:00pm (Oct 4 -Nov 8)
Location:  Kingdom Culture Class

Cost :  No
Childcare:  Yes
Contact:  email
Address:8809 La Mesa Blvd
 La Mesa, CA 91942